Whether you are a former professional who has returned to school, a recently graduated student entering the workforce, or somewhere in between, the USTSV Career Center is excited to support your professional goals.

The Career Center provides the following assistance to all graduated students:

  1. Resume preparation and interview skills coaching.
  2. Host career seminars and job fairs.
  3. Identification of students’ strengths and interests to provide career advice.
  4. Access to internship opportunities.
  5. Access to USTSV Online Service Center, which contains a collection of books, articles, magazines, brochures and videos about employment opportunities.

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USTSV does not guarantee employment to any student upon graduation.

Under California State Law, USTSV tracks placement of its graduates for a period of six (6) months upon completion of any program and verifies placement two (2) months after employment.

Some High-Tech Companies Our Graduates Work Now


Immediately after graduation, most of our graduates found their dream jobs and joined high tech companies: some are in Silicon Valley, others are in USA or other countries. Here are some of these companies:

Our Graduates Love USTSV


USTSV students love their learning experiences at USTSV, and some of them share it here.

I was struggling to find a job for a year. Thanks USTSV for an excellent training and a good start in my career.

Owen Zhu Rutgers University WalMart Labs

Excellent training and abundant opportunities for students to get into biggest companies in Silicon Valley.

Abner Li UC, Irvine Apple

Very comprehensive courses and projects. Great learning spot. Super friendly professors and classmates.

Brad Huang Ohio State University Google

At USTSV, I picked up technical skills quickly. Nowadays, I use these skills I learned from USTSV daily.

Sneha Deshmuk Puna University PNC Bank

I enjoyed my study at USTSV so much that I keep referring my friends to it all the time these days.

Jason Liu SUNY at Buffalo Tesla

With so many technologies to learn, USTSV is very useful and makes learning faster and enjoyable.

Xin Zhang NPU Symantec

I found USTSV professors all have extensive experiences in Silicon Valley and are eager to share with me

Anil Kantumuchu IIT Madras Sirius

I used to be a php developer. After intensive courses at USTSV, I became a full stack JavaScript developer.

Ephy Kona NIIT Bose

My degree was in EE. I had no CS background. But I picked up CS very quickly at USTSV and found job quickly.

Owen Yan New York University Apple

Thanks for great instruction from USTSV professors. Follow their instructions, you will get what you want.

Brian Wang Ohio State University Sam's Club

USTSV professors have exquisite teaching, rich experience, sincerity, and pulse of Silicon Valley.

Johny Li Arizona State University Volvo Cars

Thanks USTSV for new technical skills, new friends with the same tech passion, and new career goals.

Mia Xia George Washington U. Apple

I started from knowing nothing about programming. I highly recommend USTSV. Everyone can find a job through here, even a very beginner like me.

Elsa Shi INSEEC Business School InfoSys

I always think it is hard for me to find a software engineer position until I came here. Thanks to USTSV, I started my first job in Autodesk, every step matters.

Jason Chen Illinois Institute of Tech. AutoDesk

Thanks USTSV for letting me know friends with the same tech passion, and for not only teaching me technical skills but also inspiring my career and life planning.

Tony Zhang Shanghai University Etrade

Our Students Come from Different Schools


In order to get a high tech job, most of our students come to USTSV after they earned a degree from another US schools. Below are some of these schools.